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Listen here J.Biebz. I loved that song you didn’t write about how your first love broke your heart for the first time, but STFU.

I get it, you hit your head. It hurt. That’s life!
Now go home and cry, and wipe your tears with the millions of dollars you’ve made of 14 yr old girls everywhere around the world, who are probably google street viewing that place as we speak, so they can go with a CSI kit and try and find traces of your hair/hairspray/puberty/fingerprints and try and sell it on E-bay…or shriek endlessly…whichever 14yr old girls do better.

Justin Bieber Runs into a glass door!

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I thought I was watching a mashup of Madonna videos such as Like a Prayer and Vogue… turns out it was Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’.

I don’t care if she worked with Madonna’s main creative director on this. It’s a blatant way of saying ‘o hai guis, i’m madonna 20 yrs later. nbd. sup?’

PS. O Hai Bono!

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Advice For Musicians [PIC]

My favorite part about this is not the passive-agressive message, but the blots of water fading some of the ink. Blood? Sweat? Tears? Booze?


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